Professional Services

Provided as an integral component of our solutions, or as an invaluable entity on its own, our professional services are designed to help you align technology to reaching your corporate goals.

Available in bespoke packages to suit all needs, NETconnection Systems professional services allows you to cost-effectively obtain specialized expertise for complex one-time tasks, to take advantage of custom services tailored to your unique business and technical requirements and redirect your IT staff to more strategically central functions.

Our services include; planning and design, project management and installation, advanced performance monitoring and testing and troubleshooting.

Our range of consultancy services covers all aspects of IP solutions, through every aspect of a solution lifecycle; we will help you to realise your desired  goals and maximise your return on investments quicker than otherwise possible.

Support Services

One of our key assets is our experience.

We have unsurpassed experience within IP solutions and the support of them. We are involved throughout an IP solutions lifecycle, including the design, configuration and implementation. This enables us to provide the highest levels of service available due to our unique understanding of a given environment.

Furthermore, we have an end to end understanding of integrated IP solutions across multiple vendor technologies and platforms, which allows us to find the root cause of any given issue and implement a fix extremely quickly - mitigating the risk to any business.

We also realise that every support requirement will differ from solution to solution, and from client to client and will work with you to create a bespoke support solution that fits your business requirements.

Working out of two hub locations in the UK, with additional regional spare depots, we provide pervasive support across the entire United Kingdom and through key alliances can provide even further cover.

Our client retention is one of the highest in the industry - this emphasises our focus on support and our success at it.