As we virtualise our data centres; converge our communications, allow access to our business applications and the internet from multiple diverse devices and locations and as the networks that carry our data become faster and higher performing; so the propensity for security breaches or malicious activity to have a severe impact on an organization becomes increasingly likely.

Securing an enterprise communications solution therefore has never been more important.

NETconnection Systems are one of the most knowledgeable secure communication solution providers to UK businesses.

We understand the security risk faced by businesses, the security processes that can be developed and adopted, and the security products that your business can implement to better protect your entire business infrastructure.

Our philosophy is one of Total Business Security, working with our customers on all aspects of electronic information security, working to securely open up new business opportunities and new business processes.

Working with your IT, network communications or security staff, NETconnection Systems can offer a complete security service, from security audits and security penetration testing, through to the installation and management of security devices such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, User Authentication Services, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

NETconnection Systems can also work with your business to define and implement security policies - the starting point of any good total security strategy.