Todays enterprises are completely reliant upon a secure, highly performing, completely resilient  network & IT infrastructures.

Everything today is dependent upon the network and without the network, productivity stops.

To get this right, your organisation has to strategically architect the network to continuously deliver more and more IT services, as well as manage the network in a way that controls costs and ensures maximum uptime.

The challenge is to do both well, and it’s difficult to remain strategic in your approach to growing the network when your staff must prioritise reactive tasks on an ongoing basis.

NETconnection Systems have been delivering enterprise ICT & network solutions for in excess of twenty years.

NETconnection Systems provision of a managed service solution allows you to offload IT operations and service management without compromising either your control of the IT environment, or your focus on architectural and network strategy required to meet business goals.

Key features of the NETconnection managed service solution provides:

• Full time pro-active support: for organisations that don’t have enough IT resources to provide dedicated 24/7 pro-active support for all technologies deployed in their environment

• Cost reduction: by using a managed service, clients can leverage the scale of the provider to decrease costs over time and the public sector can make procurement of services tax efficient.  

• Access to specialised technical and services skills: for clients that lack performance optimisation, wireless, or data centre networking skills or the IT service management skills to ensure proper management of the environment

• Improvements in the way the regulatory compliance process is managed

• Advanced analytics, management and visability capabilities