In today's competitive market, responsiveness to customer or supplier demand is often a decisive factor in the success of an organization, this applies equally to both the private and public sectors.

The accuracy and speed of daily business transactions for all organizations are vital to success. Unscheduled disruption resulting in the failure to process these daily business transactions are costly and potentially disastrous.

The widespread use of networks extends the reach of all organizations; within buildings, across campuses, across cities and countries. 

These remote interactions with customers, suppliers and business partners have significantly benefited countless businesses and has correspondingly positively impacted the overall productivity.

Such productivity gains, however, are only as good as the network and as such the network is the single most important IT asset of any organisation.

NETconnection Systems have been delivering network infrastructure solutions since our inception in 1998, it continues to be the core of our business.

Software Defined Networking is also changing the network landscape. The technology promises the separation of the control and forwarded planes in a heterogeneous environment; where a software based controller sitting as an overlay makes decisions about what happens to network traffic and the underlying systems then forward that traffic. The technology promises simplified control and reduced costs. We work with leading technologies such as Openflow to enable an enterprise to begin the process of realising the benefits of SDN.

Working with the leading vendors, we are able to design, deploy and support solutions that address your unique requirements.