Today, a business phone system is much more than just a simple switch.

Adjunct technologies like automated attendant, voice messaging, call queuing and multi-party conferencing have become standard features.

Basic analogue and proprietary digital phones are giving way to standards-based IP phones.

Outside connectivity is now available over the Internet in the form of SIP trunks or other VoIP services.

Voice has become just another application on the data infrastructure – albeit the most critical – so resilience and ensuring five nine’s reliability has taken on even more prominence.

Our core expertise in data networking and QoS has enabled us to transition customers from a traditional circuit switched to IP environments while mitigating the risks of doing so, building resilience through the solution at every layer.

NETconnection Systems delivered our first IP based solution with Siemens (now Unify) in 2003.

Our team of certified engineers and PRINCE2 project managers have extensive experience in planning and executing migrations and we have gone on to deliver some of Unify’s largest solutions through the channel.

Let us discuss your requirements and help design a strategy to take forward your telephony and voice environment.