Hosted VoIP & Unifed Communications

The NETconnection Systems hosted platform has been designed and built around the Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications) carrier grade Openscape Voice Platform.

This platform is typically only available to the largest enterprises such as the BBC and HMRC, and has until recently not been available to the SME market. Our implementation of the platform is designed from the ground up in partnership with Unify to take these enterprise products to the wider market.

The cloud VoIP phone method is one aspect of a company that businesses can control, and as such, it fits into the framework of flexibility and cost. There’s excellent flexibility in a cloud VoIP phone system, and more and more businesses are finding the benefits it can deliver to their company. 

Here are just some of the benefits a NETconnection Systems hosted solution provides:

REDUCED COST: Most businesses are paying too much for their business communications. Paying for functionality they don’t require, support they never use and extortionate call charges. With NETconnection System’s Hosted Telephony there is no upfront capital investment, you only pay for what you use, and in most cases we are able to significantly reduce call charges.

IMPROVED CAPABILITY: As standard, NETconnection Systems provides you with a feature rich business telephony solution that includes voicemail, call forwarding, call history, follow-me, speed dialing and other leading features. You also gain access to a wide range of additional capabilities that are already installed and can be instantly enabled when required including conferencing, call recording, auto-attendant and mobile integration to name a few.

INCREASED AGILITY: Cloud telephony from NETconnection Systems enables far greater business agility. Our flexible terms enable you to increase or reduce the number of users on a monthly basis and to add and remove functional capability as your business needs change.

REDUCED RISK: With a hosted/ cloud based solution there is no equipment to manage, no connections to maintain and no complex system administration - we provide our solution as a fully managed service. What is more, our cloud-based platform is both fully resilient and secure enabling you to focus on your business and not have to worry about your business communications.

With hosted telephony from NETconnection Systems you gain the peace of mind that you are leveraging the award winning Unify Openscape Voice platform (which is a carrier grade solution with 99.999% up time). 

We have invested heavily in creating a highly-scalable, secure and reliable platform; the likes of which cannot be created on-premise. 

A resilient, flexible and scalable hosted telephony solution from NETconnection Systems provides vital business continuity and quality of service to organisations of all sizes.

NETconnection Systems have amongst the most feature rich and flexible methods by which you can start your FREE 30-day cloud VoIP trial today.  For more information just e-mail and we will be in contact by return.