The Data Centre

The data centre has changed.

Demands are increasing, not only in terms of raw speed but also scale. Where once a single image on a single physical server fed a connection, now there are multiple virtual systems on that same physical host, creating demand for the ability to support more routes, addresses and flows within the data centre than ever.

NETconnection Systems work with the leading vendors within networking, virtualisation and storage to provide an independent holistic view of the data centre.  Our experience and consultative approach results in our selecting the optimum components to create a data centre solution that is uniquely applicable to your business.

NETconnection Systems will work with you to deliver an efficient and agile data centre infrastructure; one that enables you to deliver business services that are more automated and responsive than ever.

Software Defined Networking is also changing the network landscape. The technology promises the separation of the control and forwarded planes in a heterogeneous environment; where a software based controller sitting as an overlay makes decisions about what happens to network traffic and the underlying systems then forward that traffic. The technology promises simplified control and reduced costs. We work with leading technologies such as Openflow to enable an enterprise to begin the process of realising the benefits of SDN.

Let us help you evolve and optimise your data centre environment. 

If you’re looking for solutions that will help contain complexity and cost while boosting efficiency and productivity, working with NETconnection Systems is the ideal place to start.